Debuting a collection of paintings from our very own gallery director!

Opening Night is Feb. 5th from 6PM - 9PM
which is also First Friday Art Walk on the Marietta Square! 

Claire will be giving a brief, socially distant
Artist Talk at 7:45PM

If you are visiting in person, please wear masks to keep other guests, staff, and our families safe during this time. 

More About The Artist & Director: 

To understand the source of Claire's unending enthusiasm for both making and curating art, we want to share one of her earliest memories where these two processes collided for her. 

In Austell, Georgia during the 1990's Claire spent many days in the care of her grandmother while her parents worked. Sitting on a pile of phone books in a chair at her Nana's kitchen table; you could find Claire drawing, painting, or tracing over any illustrations in books she was learning to read from. Nana looked on while stirring a cup of instant Folgers coffee, curlers piled high in her hair. Talking in her bright New Jersey accent while half listening to the Brave's baseball game on the radio; Nana encouraged Claire to finish each of her drawings thoughtfully. Once a drawing was finished, Claire slid down from her phone book perch, handing the piece over to be hung up in her favorite part of Nana's home, The Art Hall.

Nana retrieved tape from the kitchen junk drawer then together they made their way across linoleum tiles to the hall that lead to Nana's small bedroom. That short hallway seemed so grand to Claire and it was covered with colorful finger paintings, poetry, renderings of beloved cartoons characters, and portraits of the family beagle were crafted by the many other grandchildren in the family. Claire loved being able to move these pieces around and getting to witness the artistic growth each family member went through during the many years they all contributed to this art space.

Art curation at its core is simply these fond memories for Claire. The act of creating, selecting, arranging, and interpreting a collection of objects to share with others. Claire and her Nana did exactly this throughout her formative years, which eventually led Claire to studying exhibition design in college. 

A few words from Claire:

"The way I curate is centered around respecting each art piece and giving the spaciousness they individually deserve. To be able to do this at North Park Gallery has been immensely rewarding. My goal everyday in our space is to continue to bring together our artists and positively present them to our community. Getting to now also share my own art through this solo show is truly amazing and something I have been looking forward to doing! 

Cloudscapes is about my journey in finding my own painting style through a subject that is ever changing yet always fascinating to capture. If you were to be looking through the photos on my phone, you would notice I document clouds on most road trips and walks through my neighborhood. Pretty much any time I am outside, my eyes turn skyward.  

Compositionally, these pieces for the most part are influenced by the magical moments that happen at dawn and dusk outside. I enjoy the meditative practice of blending my colors but stacking them individually on the canvas in what I call my "capsule" shapes and edges. Reducing clouds down into this shape is fun for me and I love how they then can build up in each piece. I also thoughtfully apply gradients and transparent washes to add elements of dimension here and there as well. 

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed making them."

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